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Friday, 21 September 2007

A good basic guitar to start out on.

While finding easy guitar tabs to play is very fine,whats a good basic guitar to start out on?
Buying the latest model Fender or Strat may not be the best idea.Fine when your in the big time I suppose.
Looking around makes you realize there is a huge choice out here.
Picking out just one guitar is hard,but for a basic good sound instrument,a basic acoustic guitar would seem to be the best place to start.
Here's one review I found:-

Seagull The Original S6 Acoustic Guitar (Natural)

Experience w/product I own it Features Features: 10
Reviewer's Background Hobbyist Quality quality: 10
Reviewer's Play Style Alternative, country, folk, blues Value quality: 10

I play guitar for 5 months now and my S6 entourage rustic (slim neck, rustic burst custom finish, limited edition,) beautiful guitar... and every guitarists i've met said that my guitar was amazing. I've tried Takamine (1200$) Yamaha(800$) etc but no way, it sounded like mine unplugged!! Strum a Am or E and you'll see the power of the instrument... I'm totally in love with my S6 and I'm proud just to take it in my hand!!! This a good start to learn!! Seriously, highly recommended!

Posted by Sicalatracas from Jonquiere on Jul 19, 2007

I picked this out of many favourable reviews for this model on

Malc.Learn to Play Guitar

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