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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Easy bass tabs

Easy bass tabs.
Blues guitar yesterday and now today easy bass tabs. Bass has always been a bit of a mystery to me. Don't get get me wrong, it sounds so fantastic but there must be a real art to it.
Not much on the web either. Found this:- Bass tabs for Eagles: Take it easy . I see "for guitar tabs, bass tabs and chords. We also have a review section with Eagles CD reviews". If your into this sort of thing that could be quite helpful I suppose.
Popping over to Yuotube to see if I can find any tasty bits there.

Lowrider Tabs For Bass & Guitar Easy Riffs Minor Pentatonic Scale

Like that! Oh the guy makes it look so easy..


Monday, 9 March 2009

Blues guitar lessons

Blues guitar lessons.
Ok,this venturing out of the easy guitar world and into the world of making real music. This a world of licks,slides finding the blues notes and so much more as they say. I'm not really up to this but I found this site where these people,Peter Vogl and Jody Worrell,are into the Blues in a big way. They also seem to offer 'Free Blues Guitar Lessons'. Can't be bad. I'll pop a link the bottom of the page but to get a flavour of the stuff they do here's a taste:-

* F Blues Licks
* G Shuffle Licks
* Am Pentatonic Licks
* A Natural Minor Licks
* Blues Note Riffs
* Double Stop Bends
* Minor Blues Licks
* Blues Turnaround in A
* 3 Voice Turnaround
* Blues Pedal Note Lick
* Moving a Lick Around

* B.B. King Style Lick
* Muddy Waters Style Lick
* Eric Clapton Style Lick
* Robben Ford Style Lick
* Johnny Winter Style Lick
* Note Bending
* Chromatic Scale
* Diminished Chords
* Moveable Blues Rhythm
* C7 F9 Chords
* Major/Minor Penatonic Lick


Blues Guitar Lesson: Muddy Waters Style Lick

Sunday, 8 March 2009

How to play the guitar.

How to play the guitar.
Fine,its a bit like riding a bike. You know a some point you will come off and it looks a bit scary at first but once you know how,you just do it without thinking. The hard part is getting going and understanding that that using musical instruments need time to practice.
An acoustic guitar is natural starting point.Once you have the basics off,you may want to move on to a bass guitar or the electric guitar like a Telecaster guitar. There is even an electric bass guitar or for those people who are left handed,left handed guitars.
There would appear to be 3 basic learning methods.
Playing by ear. For those natually talented people of the world. That's definately not me by the way,I had to plug away for ages before anyone reconized anything I played.
Picking up a few chords or an easy riff and keep adding to your skill that way. Its supprising just how many start out like that. I did.
The full tuitional route. Either a musical teacher or a course of some kind.

What ever route the beginner guitar player takes,they can only improve as they progress with time. I found this on Youtube which could be of interest:-

How To Play Beginner Guitar Chords


Saturday, 7 March 2009

Free Guitar Lessons

Free guitar lessons are they for real?
I thought I might continue on the other days theme about guitar lessons and such.
They do exist but are they any good?
Well yes and no.
Yes in a way because, like anything you want to do or are interested in,every scrap of information, tip or tick you can find will expand your knowledge on that subject. Imagine the scene, its your first guitar and you want to play that bit of the song on your own NOW! Not next week but now! You have no money to buy the big guitar course that your friend recommend, so you trawl around and find something related to your needs. It may be crap but you don't give a hoot about that.

No. If you really have your little heart set on getting good at guitar playing,well is nothing that a well laid out course can beat. Its just the way to go.
My personal favorite is the old Jamorama but there are many other excellent courses out there.


Friday, 6 March 2009

Online Guitar Lessons

Online Guitar Lessons. Sure these have a place in the great scheme of things I suppose.
Anyone wanting to be an overnight guitar hero could always find stuff on lets say 'beginner electric guitar'. They see the words, a picture forms in their mind. Fame,fortune and all the cool chicks or guys they could ever want to be near.
Ooh,I rather like the sound of that. Yet there is always a down side. Massive demands by the tax man, having a small army of people to look after you and not be able to walk down the high street without the mob tearing you shirt off!
I love the quite life anyway maybe just strumming a few guitar chords now and then.


Thursday, 5 March 2009

Learn to play the guitar

Learn to play the guitar in next to no time.
That was a comment I herd while having a look around a discount guitar shop. I thought well only a really gifted guitar hero could do that.
I live in the real world, where learn and practice and practice some more, are the only real way to make a guitar sing out.

I asked the chap how a beginner could start out from cold. "Oh", he said,"how hard can it be?" You don't play guitar then I asked."No but so many people do,it must be easy."

I had thought about enlightening this Dumbo but thought better of it.


Been away...

Hi everyone, been taking some time out so might get back into the swing and start posting once more.


Monday, 4 August 2008

6 Guitar String

Posted a new page 6 Guitar String a few days ago,after someone asked me at the bar,where do you get your string for your guitar from?
Easy I thought. Almost anywhere - surely?
Well I thought so anyway.

Found a great looking Bass pic though.


Thanks Ryan - yes your right of course.
it's only a blog you know - no need to lose your cool guy - I just love the wonderful sounds they make.
And yes I do have way too manty links on the blog here. Humm...

Friday, 11 July 2008

People will try to rush learning to play guitar.

Notice people jumping about the learning page over at 'Guitar tabs for beginners'.
That not the way to do it.Hey your learning, 1 > 2 > 3 and so on. Easy guys.


Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Feeling good - feeling fine...

There are times when you begin to wounder if real people are out in 'Web' land.

But today, someone made my day.
Over on the old "Guitar tabs for beginners" page - link - this post appeared:-

ashley says:
27 hours ago

All i have to say is amazing, once a beginner now i can play bassically any song mentioned to me.:) thanx man

Positive waves or what! MANY THANKS ASHLEY..


PS. the photo is me dreaming in happy land listening to Eric Clapton.