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Sunday, 14 October 2007

Easy Christmas Song for Beginners

Keeping on with the basic and easy theme,I went looking for something that might fit the bill.
Over at Guitar Noise,David Hodge has several articles about such tunes. I thought this may be a goer.
From their article:-"

Silent Night is a classic three-chord song, using the first, fourth and fifth of whatever key you decide to play it in. I like to throw in the relative minor seventh at the end of the next to last line as well. Most people sing it in C major. For the solo guitarist, I would recommend playing in the key of G, which I've written out for you here:


There are three essential things to playing in solo fingerstyle - melody, bass and "accompaniment." You want the melody of the song to ring out, if for no other reason than letting people know what the song is! The bass and accompaniment, usually chord arpeggios, should enhance your presentation - adding color and texture."

Well it seems to fit the bill.

Happy tunes.

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