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Monday, 8 October 2007

Easy Songs for Beginners

Just having a look through a few of the many articles written by David Hodge.
There is a lot of free rubbish and junk on the web,yet Davids a player and a teacher who seems to love to write these articles.
I'm tending towards "Horse With No Name,"from his Easy Songs for Beginners set.
I'll update if I come across interesting material.

Malc.Learn to Play Guitar

A few bits about the background.

America's self-titled debut album was initially released in Europe with only moderate success and without the song "A Horse with No Name." Looking for a song that would be popular in both the United States and Europe, producer Ian Samwell helped the group to record the song and persuaded the Warner Brothers label to re-release the album with "Horse ..." included.

"A Horse with No Name" is played in the key of E minor with an acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and bongo drums. The only other chord is a D with added 6th and 9th notes. The 9th is usually the open top E string, the 6th the low E fretted on the second fret. This makes it a popular song for those who prefer 2 chord songs.

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