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Friday, 12 October 2007

Oow,this is different.Bluegrass music tabs

The Lonestar Bluegrass Band
Found this about Bluegrass music and tab generation.

If you wish to follow up, try this link.
[Some times my Blogger page plays up with these links.Please tell me if you need the full address for that site].

Is this an easy guitar tabs site? Err,no. But your welcome to have a read.
The article covers the origin of the music,a little history and brings us up to date with how you may generate your own tabs,if that's what your looking for.
Example here:-
" Although it might be tempting to use such bluegrass tabs generator software, it is recommended to be original on your own and let yourself be inspired (without copying) by the bluegrass music players who are famous for their talents. Bluegrass music is the voice of the soul that wants to let itself be heard. So let yourself feel and start singing bluegrass music. If you don’t succeed, don’t despair because you’ll always have bluegrass music to make you feel better. "
Humm. Malc.Learn to Play Guitar

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