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Monday, 22 October 2007

Rock Gods and easy guitar riffs.

They rose in the early days from fun loving bands,with dedicated small followings to Rock legends,playing huge concert hall and football stadiums. We know them as Rock Gods. So why did the guitar feature so heavily in the bands and in the tunes they made famous.
Back beat.'A back beat and you can't lose it!.
A back beat is a simple but highly effective way of making a song or tune live. It gets you toes tapping,makes you want to dance and makes you feel sooooo good.
The riff,is part of the energy in the song.This why a simple or easy riff is just so effective in making the tune live larger than other tunes.It stands out.
So Malc, example please. OK.
Smoke on the Water, All Right Now, Layla, Purple Haze.The list is long and your favorite player may well be among the artists who created any number of these well known tunes.
Malc.Learn to Play Guitar

I may cover this in a bit more depth,they were all beginners at some stage.

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