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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Understanding more about Guitar Tab Basics

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Before we can really understand Easy Guitar Tabs, we need to understand the guitar tab system. The tab system expresses guitar rhythm and lead parts which are presented in a visual, intuitive manner that does not require knowledge of standard musical notation. Nowadays tablature or tabs, has become the "language" for everyone wishing to play,just how to play guitar songs.
The details.
For a six-string guitar with standard guitar tuning begins with a staff of six lines. For example, the tablature for the shape of a C major chord looks like this:

E |-----0------|
B |-----1------|
G |-----0------|
D |-----2------|
A |-----3------|
E |-----x------|

On each line the number corresponds to the fret on the neck of the guitar to be played. At the top,Fret "0" means that string is played open.That is without any fingering. Now the fret one is the first fret from the headstock. Are you starting to understand that Guitar tablature or tabs, is done from high-to-low and left-to-right. Just like a musical staff. The bottom line on tablature corresponds to the "thick" E string. The E string is the one producing the lowest note. The low E string is not played here,( x) during a C major chord.
I hope you found this lets a bit of light into the gray mist.

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