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Tuesday, 6 November 2007


Change in pace today.
Found this - link - with both verse and tab chords for American Pie by Don Mclean.

I woun't put the full page on here,you can see that with the link above.
Here's a taster..

Malc. Learn Guitar .

 AMERICAN PIE   (Don Mclean)      (SIMPed  by Sennet)
. G D Em
A long, long time ago__
Am C Em D
I can still remember how that music used to make me smile.__
. G D Em Am C
And I knew if I had my chance that I could make those people dance
. Em C D
and maybe they'd by happy for a while.
Em Am Em Am
But February made me shiver with every paper I'd deliver.
.C G Am C D
Bad news on the doorstep. I couldn't take one more step
. G D Em Am7 D
I can't remember if I cried when I read about his widowed bride,
G D Em C D7 G C G
Something touched me deep inside the day_ the music died._____
. G C G D G C
. So bye-bye, Miss American Pie.Drove my Chevy to the levee but the
. G D G C G D
. levee was dry, them good ole boys were drinkin' whiskey and Rye, singing
. Em A7 Em D7
. this'll be the day that I die, This'll be the day that I die.__

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