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Monday, 4 August 2008

6 Guitar String

Posted a new page 6 Guitar String a few days ago,after someone asked me at the bar,where do you get your string for your guitar from?
Easy I thought. Almost anywhere - surely?
Well I thought so anyway.

Found a great looking Bass pic though.


Thanks Ryan - yes your right of course.
it's only a blog you know - no need to lose your cool guy - I just love the wonderful sounds they make.
And yes I do have way too manty links on the blog here. Humm...


Silent_Majority said...

I have been playing 25 years. Ain't no five minute fix for playing. I think you have the right idea for new players. I taught myself and almost anyone can in the modern internet age. I love the site they have tons of tabs for anything you want to play. Good job and cya.

Ryan said...

Hi Malc

Are you retarded? If not then you really need some grammar lessons, and maybe some guitar lessons after that. This blog is entirely unhelpful, I mean entirely. Are you just link farming and selling ads?

And that "great guitar pic" is actually a bass, have a closer look at those strings...

Kim Celinder said...

I was one that made the same mistake, fortunately I managed to move on and not give up, now I have even made my own blog, <a href=">beginners guitar lessons</a>