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Monday, 9 March 2009

Blues guitar lessons

Blues guitar lessons.
Ok,this venturing out of the easy guitar world and into the world of making real music. This a world of licks,slides finding the blues notes and so much more as they say. I'm not really up to this but I found this site where these people,Peter Vogl and Jody Worrell,are into the Blues in a big way. They also seem to offer 'Free Blues Guitar Lessons'. Can't be bad. I'll pop a link the bottom of the page but to get a flavour of the stuff they do here's a taste:-

* F Blues Licks
* G Shuffle Licks
* Am Pentatonic Licks
* A Natural Minor Licks
* Blues Note Riffs
* Double Stop Bends
* Minor Blues Licks
* Blues Turnaround in A
* 3 Voice Turnaround
* Blues Pedal Note Lick
* Moving a Lick Around

* B.B. King Style Lick
* Muddy Waters Style Lick
* Eric Clapton Style Lick
* Robben Ford Style Lick
* Johnny Winter Style Lick
* Note Bending
* Chromatic Scale
* Diminished Chords
* Moveable Blues Rhythm
* C7 F9 Chords
* Major/Minor Penatonic Lick


Blues Guitar Lesson: Muddy Waters Style Lick

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