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Sunday, 8 March 2009

How to play the guitar.

How to play the guitar.
Fine,its a bit like riding a bike. You know a some point you will come off and it looks a bit scary at first but once you know how,you just do it without thinking. The hard part is getting going and understanding that that using musical instruments need time to practice.
An acoustic guitar is natural starting point.Once you have the basics off,you may want to move on to a bass guitar or the electric guitar like a Telecaster guitar. There is even an electric bass guitar or for those people who are left handed,left handed guitars.
There would appear to be 3 basic learning methods.
Playing by ear. For those natually talented people of the world. That's definately not me by the way,I had to plug away for ages before anyone reconized anything I played.
Picking up a few chords or an easy riff and keep adding to your skill that way. Its supprising just how many start out like that. I did.
The full tuitional route. Either a musical teacher or a course of some kind.

What ever route the beginner guitar player takes,they can only improve as they progress with time. I found this on Youtube which could be of interest:-

How To Play Beginner Guitar Chords


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