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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Free Guitar Lessons

Free guitar lessons are they for real?
I thought I might continue on the other days theme about guitar lessons and such.
They do exist but are they any good?
Well yes and no.
Yes in a way because, like anything you want to do or are interested in,every scrap of information, tip or tick you can find will expand your knowledge on that subject. Imagine the scene, its your first guitar and you want to play that bit of the song on your own NOW! Not next week but now! You have no money to buy the big guitar course that your friend recommend, so you trawl around and find something related to your needs. It may be crap but you don't give a hoot about that.

No. If you really have your little heart set on getting good at guitar playing,well is nothing that a well laid out course can beat. Its just the way to go.
My personal favorite is the old Jamorama but there are many other excellent courses out there.


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